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Created on 2009-05-20 18:39:42 (#371660), last updated 2011-12-04 (303 weeks ago)

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Name:A Gibbs/Dinozzo Slash Community
Location:United States of America
Website:NCIS Official Site
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Gibbs/Dinozzo Slash
Welcome to GibbsDinozzo!

This community was formed in celebration of the slashy relationship between Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Anthony Dinozzo. For those that love the idea of these two together in a more intimate and sexual relationship than canon will ever give us, please feel free to join.

This is an adult group. By that I mean not only must you be 18 years or older to join, you must also be capable of handling yourself in an appropriate and adult-like manner. I want this community to be a venue for posting Gibbs/Dinozzo related fics, fanart, and vids, having discussions, and sharing ideas.

So, if you still want to join, here are the rules:

1.Join. I trust that you are 18+ (and of legal age in your content to view such content) so I will not be verifying ages, but I will ban you immediately if I discover that you are underage.
2.Participate. I will not ban you for never posting/commenting, but I do encourage you to be active in this group. I realize that some are shy, but don’t be. We don’t bite. Well, not hard anyway. 
3.Post. Please post your fics! I love a good Gibbs/Dinozzo fic as much as the next gal, and this is the place to post them. ALL fics must have Gibbs/Dinozzo in them as a main focus. For example, you can post a Abby/McGee fic, but Gibbs/Dinozzo must feature in the fic as a main pairing as well. Use the following guideline for you fic headers as well as your Subject lines.
FIC: Title – Gibbs/Dinozzo – Rating
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. The sole intent of this fic is for entertainment purposes only. No money is made.
Authors Notes:
4.No flaming! Everyone has a different opinion or way of seeing Gibbs/Dinozzo together. Yours may differ from someone else. Constructive criticism of a fic is encouraged, but please don’t flame. Show the authors and your fellow readers the same courtesy and respect you’d like in return.
5.All Fics/Fanart/Fanvids/Spoilers, etc MUST be behind cuts. No exceptions!!!
6.Use SPOILER warnings for any fics and discussions that refer to specific episodes or events from canon. Everyone doesn’t get to see the episodes the same time that they air in the US. Many countries are at least one or two seasons behind. Be courteous and conscientious of these, and use spoiler space accordingly. 1-2 times = warning, 3-4= moderated status, 5+= BANNED. We are all adults; it shouldn’t be too hard to follow warnings.
7.If you stumble into a SPOILER THREAD, and are spoiled (gasp) don’t complain to me. Just as we are required to include spoiler space and such, you must be certain to take heed of the warnings.
8.Create your own tags following these guidelines.
For Fanart, please use: fic:authorname:rating
For Fanart, please use: fanart:artist
For Fanvids, please use: fanvid:vidder
For Spoilers, please use: spoiler:season:episode #
9.HAVE FUN!!! This community is supposed to be full of fun and laughs. RL is full of doom and gloom, make the most of your time here and have a good time.

Your friendly mod,

Carina Scott 
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